Solid Waste Mgmt Commission


Solid Waste Mgmt Commission

The Town of Speedway Solid Waste Management Commission meets monthly at the Town Hall on the 2nd Wednesday at 7 PM.
Brian Dinwiddie
Pam Flaherty (expiring 12/31/2019)
Angie Smith (expiring 12/31/2019)

Adjunct Members:  Jacob Blasdel 

The Solid Waste Management Commission offers a collection that is better coordinated solid waste services for residents - improved recycling services and new heavy trash collection all represent a significant advancement in the delivery of solid waste services.  This is a more efficient and effective manner for both the Town and its residents. 
  • All solid waste services will be provided on the same day of the week depending on which zone you live in.  To determine what Zone you are in - Solid Waste Zones Map.
    • Zone 1  picked up on Tuesday
    • Zone 2  picked up on Wednesday
    • Zone 3 picked up on Thursday

    For more information please visit the Street Department page:  Street Department Home Page 

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