Housing Advisory Council


Housing Advisory Council

The Housing Advisory Council meets on the 4th Thursday of every month - 6 pm at the Town Offices  5620 Crawfordsville Road, Suite M. 
This council reviews housing and real estate issues, including development of specific market housing, abandoned and foreclosed properties.  They will seek grants for housing programs and work cooperatively with the Speedway Redevelopment Commission (SRC) on residential housing issues.
Ordinance establishing the Housing Advisory Council  Ordinance 1126


                                                       Gordon Berry (expiring 12/31/2019)
Jacob Blasdel
Mike Hitch
Charlie Maiers
Sibylle Walker (expiring 12/31/2019)
Rachel Wheeler (expiring 12/31/2019)
Terri Snider (expiring 12/31/2019)

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