Construction Site Requirements


Construction Site Requirements

Construction Site and Post Construction Site Stormwater Control

Are you planning a construction project in the Town of Speedway (Town)? Will the construction activities disturb one (1) acre or more of land or disturb less than one (1) acre of land that is part of a larger common plan if the larger common plan will ultimately disturb one or more acres? If so, then your project is subject to 327 IAC 15-5 (Rule 5) and the Town's Stormwater Control Ordinance No. 1248. 

The Town is the plan review and control authority for all construction projects within its corporate boundaries. The following information will explain the steps necessary to comply with Rule 5 and the Town's storm water quality requirements.

  1. Develop a Construction Plan, which must include a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). Refer to the document "Guidance on Plan Development". This document includes the required elements along with a brief description. A drainage report must also be prepared.

  2. Submit five (5) sets of the plans, one (1) copy of the drainage report, and a Site Development Rule 5  Application to the attention of the MS4 Coordinator, Speedway Town Hall, 1450 N. Lynhurst Dr., Speedway, IN 46224. Include with the submittal a $250.00 application/review fee. Upon approval a Site Development Rule 5 Permit can be obtained at the Town Hall. The cost of the permit will be $100.00. An inspection fee of $500.00 for each approved permanent Post Construction BMP is also required and must be paid before a permit can be issued. This covers inspection fees for the first three years.

  3. Once the Construction Plan is approved a Notice of Intent (NOI) form must be submitted to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management with a copy sent to the Town.

  4. Construction can begin 48 hours after submitting the NOI to IDEM. Notify the Town within 24 hours prior to land disturbing activities beginning.

  5. When all land disturbing activities have been completed, and all temporary erosion and sediment control measures have been removed, a Notice of Termination (NOT) form must be submitted to the Town with a copy sent to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

All of the forms referenced above can be found in the Related Pages section to the right or Useful Links tab below.  Ordinances can be found below also. If you have any questions concerning this program please contact the MS4 Coordinator, Norman Berry, at 317-246-2855 or email

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