Hydrant Flushing


Hydrant Flushing

The Water Works annually flushes the distribution system as part of our distribution system maintenance program. Flushing the system improves water quality by removing sediments that may settle in the water mains over time, in particular at the dead ends of the system. At the same time, any problems with the operation of the hydrants are noted. Typically, the entire distribution system flush takes place in late April each year. Flushing specific areas of the system may also take place throughout the year to improve water quality as needed. Flushing hydrants increases the rate of flow of the water through the mains, scouring any accumulated sediment in the main. Even though we flush until the water is clear, there may be discolored or cloudy water at the tap for a short period. For this reason, we flush after 9 pm to allow the water to settle overnight. If there is some discolored water in the morning, allowing a tap to run for a few minutes should clear it up. Speedway Police dispatch will be notified as well as any major water users in the areas of the flushing each night. Water Works personnel will be out in town trucks with emergency lighting and each man will be wearing high visibility safety vests. 


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