The most common reasons for zoning changes are a desire to change the footprint of your home or business which requires a "Development Standard Variance" or a change of use of a property requiring a "Variance of Use".

When you call the Town of Speedway with questions either about a variance or more often about proposed construction, we unfortunately are required to refer you to the Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development at (317) 327-8700 (website).

The reason for this referral is that the Town of Speedway is located within Marion County and is therefore governed by their zoning ordinances. When you contact the Department of Metropolitan Development you will need to explain what your plans are and they will then inform you if you need a zoning variance or not.

If you find you will need to obtain a variance (a departure from the provisions of a zoning ordinance) you must come to the Speedway Professional Annex located at 5620 Crawfordsville Road, Suite M.  You can also email Michelle Lidy mlidy@speedwayin.gov with questions or to have forms emailed to you.

You will then be given the appropriate forms required by our Board of Zoning Appeals along with instructions for completing the forms. These forms must be completed by the owner of the parcel or a duly appointed agent or representative; for instance, your contractor, or an attorney.

When the forms are returned correctly completed with all required supporting documentation and the fees have been paid a docket number and hearing date will be assigned. The hearing date will be a minimum of 40 days after the date of filing as the Speedway Board of Zoning Appeals meets on the first Wednesday of the month.

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