Park Shelter - General Information


Park Shelter - General Information

  • PARK HOURS:  Dawn to Dusk
  • No smoking of any kind allowed anywhere in or within 50 feet of Speedway Parks.
  • No alcohol, tobacco, or drugs allowed.
  • No glass allowed.
  • No parking, driving, or unloading on the grass or walking paths.
  • No offensive, obscene, profane, or violent language or conduct allowed.  This includes music lyrics.
  • No amplified music or sound equipment allowed at a volume that will annoy or disturb the comfort of others.  Thus, if music and lyrics are clear beyond 50 feet from facility, the volume is considered excessive and subject to violations.
  • Decorations within reserved facility can be secured by removable tape, which must be removed before leaving.  No nails, hooks, tacks, staples, hot glue or similar.
  • No decorations or items of any kind allowed on any trees, bushes, electrical boxes, etc.  This includes balloons, ribbons, pinatas, etc.
  • No silly string, confetti, glitter, chalk drawings, or similar allowed in or around shelters and gazebo.
  • All trash must be disposed of in trash cans.
  • Any items brought into the park facility including, but not limited to food, decorations, or other equipment, must be removed at the conclusion of reservation.
  • No grills allowed under or within any park structure, including shelters and gazebo.
  • Cooking fires are permitted in the park's charcoal grill available with each shelter rental (not available with gazebo).  DO NOT dump ashes on the ground.  Ashes should remain in the grills for park personnel to properly dispose of.
  • No bounce houses, inflatables, pop-up tents or structures of any kind shall be erected.
  • All pets must be leashed at all times.
  • Pet excrement must be picked up immediately and properly disposed of.
  • Any damage or defacement of property, violations of above listed rules, or violations of any Speedway Parks & Recreation or Town of Speedway ordinances will be subject to fines, fees, and reimbursement of damages.  Violations are subject to fines of $50 to $100 each.  In addition, Speedway Parks & Recreation reserves the right to assess clean-up fees up to $250, as well as, full compensation for any damages.
  • Cancellation 21 or more days in advance will receive a FULL REFUND (less card processing fee)
  • Cancellation 14 - 20 days in advance will receive a 50% REFUND (less card processing fee)
  • Cancellation 13 days or less in advance receive NO REFUND
  • Cancellation by authorizing officer - FULL REFUND
  • NO REFUND for inclement weather

Shelter #2 Leonard Park

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