Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement

The main goal of the Speedway Code Enforcement program is to bring to the attention of residential and business owners existing code violations that can have a negative impact on the community.  Many such code violations are referred to as public nuisances.  Through voluntary compliance, cooperation and a spirit of personal responsibility for the well-being of the community, conditions that create code violations can be eliminated.  These acts will make the Town of Speedway a better place to live.  The citizens of the Town of Speedway owe it to themselves and their neighbors to maintain their homes and businesses in a manner which has a positive effect on the overall appearance of the town. 

The basis of the Code Enforcement program rests upon everyone acting as good neighbors.  Residents and business owners have a responsibility to maintain their property in a manner which does not downgrade the value, use, enjoyment or safety of any surrounding property.

 Code Enforcement Officers are always available to attend neighborhood and organizational meetings to explain the Municipal Code and assist citizens with improving their neighborhoods and the overall quality of life in Speedway.




 Upon receiving a complaint, a Code Enforcement Officer will inspect the site to confirm the alleged violations.  The Officer will then contact the property owner to explain the violation and suggest solutions.  The property owner is then given a specific amount of time to rectify the problem.  While most property owners comply after the first notification, those who do not receive additional notices or citations.  All issues are addressed in a confidential, friendly and understanding manner.


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