Household trash is picked up once per week for each of the Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Zones. Trash and garbage must be placed at the curb or alley line prior to 6:00AM on collection day. Collection hours are from 6:00AM until 5:00PM.
Any questions or service concerns regarding trash service should be go directly to Ray's Trash Services by calling 317-539-2024 or visit their website by clicking on this link:
  • Please use Ray's Trash Containers.
  • Cardboard boxes, grocery bags and unapproved plastic bags will not be used as refuse containers and will not be collected. No containers filled with dirt, bricks, broken masonry, acid core batteries, tires or building materials will be collected. 
  • Broken glass and sharp metal fragments placed in plastic bags should be wrapped with newspapers to prevent rupturing of the plastic bag and possible injury to the collection personnel.
  • NOTE:  There is a commingled recycling dumpster located behind the Town Hall (the green and orange Ray's dumpster) for recyclables, including flattened cardboard that is larger than the recycle bin.
  • Trash will NOT be collected on Christmas Day.

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