Speedway Yard Waste Vegetation Program Information


Speedway Yard Waste Vegetation Program Information

Speedway Yard Waste Recycling & Collection Ordinance # 817
Yard waste recycling program began on April 1, 1993. 
12.16.010 - Unlawful.

No person shall place or throw any paper, organic waste, or trash or refuse of any kind on any public way, including sidewalks and streets, or other public facility, including parks, in a manner and to an extent that would render the way or other facility unclean, unsightly, unusable or unsafe.

This is a reminder that raking leaves or blowing grass into the streets  is not allowed.

Yard Waste is picked up by your Street Department on a seasonal basis from April through November and the first week in January for Christmas tree pick up (weather permitting).
Yard waste consists of grass, twigs, leaves, brush and tree limbs up to six (6) inches in diameter and other organic yard and garden waste. Yard waste must not have regular trash mixed in it.
Yard waste must be placed in reusable containers or bio-degradable paper bags. No receptacle with yard waste contents may exceed 50 lbs. in weight. There is NO limit on the number of yard waste containers you may put out. Branches too large to be bagged should be cut into three (3) foot lengths and tied with string. DO NOT tie with wire.
Mark reusable yard waste containers with yellow, red or orange markings or flags in order for the street department to identify them.

Yard waste will be collected on the same day as your regular household trash. Place the yard waste container(s) in the same area as your trash, but separate them somewhat from the trash.

Yard waste is collected by the employees of the Speedway Street Department, therefore, yard waste will NOT be collected on Town recognized holidays.

Yard Waste is picked up by your Street Department personnel not Ray's Trash Service.
On average of 900 tons of yard waste is picked up by the Street Department every year. 

Fall Foliage

Any receptacle exceeding 50 lbs will not be accepted
The things you cannot put out for yard waste pickup
You have 3 options
     Mow it high and let it fly!  Don't bag your grass or leaves.  Return the nutrients to the soil.
     Start a compost pile in your back yard. 
     Suggest reading up on how to do it correctly - avoid Animal Waste.
     You can put out grass clippings, leaves, brush, twigs & branches in accepted containers
     separated from your regular trash.
Things you can do -
  Use bio-degradable paper bags or reusable garbage cans identified as yard waste cans.
  Each container may not weigh over 50 lbs and have handles on cans.
  Flower, plants and vegetable garden waste is acceptable.
  Branches too large for cans or bags must be cut into 3 ft. lengths and tied with string.
  Make cans or paper bags seen from street.  Many people tie a rag on handles.
Reasons yard waste will not be picked up -
  * Cans or Bags exceed the 50 lb limit
  * No handles on cans
  * Trash or animal waste mixed in with yard waste
  * Cans not marked or identified as yard waste
  * Branches exceed 6" in diameter or 1 ft over top of cans.

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