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Pet waste is a health issue for your whole family. In addition to the unsightly appearance of pet waste in our parks and along our trails, there are health concerns as well. Harmful organisms can be transmitted from dog waste to humans or other animals.

Pet wastes can transmit bacteria and viruses including tapeworm, roundworm, E. coli, Parvo, and more.  Humans who come into contact with dog waste could contract campylobacteriosis, salmonellosis, and toxocarisis, which may cause abdominal cramps, fever, coughing or wheezing, hives, and possibly permanent vision damage.  Animal waste can also attract mice and parasites that can get into your house or harm your pets and other animals.  Some can persist for weeks, waiting on a host. Please protect your family and neighbors by scooping the waste, bagging it, and placing it in the trash. 


Flush it: You can pick up poop with a pooper scooper or plastic bag and flush it down the toilet (not the bag, though!) Toilet water goes to a treatment plant and waste will be properly removed before the water is released into the environment. 

Toss it: Collect the waste in a plastic bag, tie the bag securely and toss it in the garbage can. Do NOT put pet waste in recycle containers. 

Bury it: Pet waste can be buried six inches below the surface and be allowed to decompose naturally. 

Prepare for it: When you walk your dog, keep plastic bags attached to your pet's leash so you will always have them handy. Please utilize a pet waste container or trash can when available. 



Clear Choices, Clean Water is asking Indiana residents to take a pledge to help improve water quality! Realizing that the little deposits your pets leave each day are adding up to a big water quality mess can be a hard thing to grasp, but there is a lot of information on their website to help you educate yourself. For example, did you know, one gram of dog waste (the weight of a business card) contains 23 million fecal coliform bacteria (van der Wel, 1995), almost twice as much as human waste?  Keep in mind that the average dog excretes 0.75 pounds of waste per day (340 grams).  That equates to 7.82 billion fecal coliform bacteria per day!

Visit the Clear Choices Clean Water website to take the pledge and learn more. 


As a friendly reminder, State of Indiana law requires pet owners to clean up their dogs waste and remove it from public grounds. There are dog waste stations in the park and along the trails for your convenience.  Please use these or your own supplies to help keep our parks and trails clean and safe.  Your friends and neighbors will appreciate your participation.

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