NOTICE: Speedway Water Works Addresses Water Safety and Taste

The Town has received inquiries from residents about an “earthy” taste and odor to their drinking water. Leadership from Speedway Water Works have confirmed that the water being serviced to the community is safe to drink.


The “earthy” taste and odor residents are experiencing is, while unpleasant, a common occurrence. Speedway Water Works Superintendent Ronnie Smith explains, “When surface water is being treated and there are temperature changes, an “earthy” taste and odor can occur in the water system.”


While this water is safe for consumption, it is the Town’s goal to provide the best tasting drinking water possible, regardless of seasonal temperature changes. Speedway Water Works began adjusting their treatment process earlier this week to help mitigate the taste and smell issues. Additionally, the Town began its regularly scheduled water line flushing at fire hydrants to ensure consistent water circulation throughout the water distribution system.

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