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News from Speedway Schools:
Speedway Academics!
Accolades for Speedway School corporation - first one taken from an article by Caroline Beck with the IndyStar
Speedway leads the County in IREAD Scores
Speedway schools had the highest percentage of proficient third-grader readers in the county.
Speedway schools and Franklin township schools were the only districts in the county that had more students passing the assessment than the statewide average.
Here are Marion County school districts from the most percentage of proficiency to least:
• Speedway Schools: 91.4%
• Franklin Township: 85.6%
• MSD Washington Township: 79.3%
• MSD Decatur Township: 74.3%
• Beech Grove City Schools: 74%
• Perry Township: 71.3%
• MSD Pike Township: 68.7%
• MSD Wayne Township: 67.6%
• MSD Warren Township: 64.7%
• MSD Lawrence Township: 63.9%
• Indianapolis Public Schools: 62.8%
Speedway HS SAT - Exemplary Performance
While the SAT has been used as a college entrance exam for decades, last spring all Indiana high school juniors took a school day SAT as part of their graduation pathway and as a measure of our high school's accountability.
As we have come to expect, Speedway students far outpaced the rest of the state in their performance on both sections of the test.
On the Evidence-based Reading and Writing section (formerly called Verbal), 61% of Speedway juniors met or exceeded the college readiness benchmark, vs 49% for the rest of Indiana. On the Math section, 52% of Speedway juniors met or exceeded the college readiness benchmark, vs 30% for the rest of the state.
Just over half of our students met the senior-level benchmark in both sections, compared to 28% of juniors in other Indiana schools. That 22% difference represents the second best result compared to the state average in Speedway High School history.
Substitutes Needed!
The School Town of Speedway is seeking applicants interested in serving as substitute teachers.
A substitute teacher can work as often or as little as their schedule allows. Substitute teachers are paid $14.00 per hour wage ($98.00 per day) and you will be working in an environment in which you are valued and in which you will quickly become a part of a school family. The most basic requirement is a high school diploma and we will assist you in obtaining a substitute teacher license.
If you have questions please contact Assistant Superintendent, John Dizney at 317-244-0236 or to learn how to apply.
Upcoming School Events:
Friday, September 30, 2022 - End of Quarter 1
Monday-Friday, October 10-14, 2022 - Fall Break
Monday-Friday, November 21-25, 2022 - Thanksgiving Break
Tuesday, December 20, 2022 - End of Grading Period

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