**UPDATE** Lane Restriction on 16th & Main Lynhurst


Per our coordination meeting today, the following will take place:

 * The following Utilities of Windstream, Lightower, Comcast and TCA will continue with all their necessary prep work in preparation of working together to relocated their lines to the new IP&L poles on Tuesday October 24, 2017.

 * Relocation Plan on October 24, 2017:

   1) At 3:00 AM Signal Construction will move into to place and shut down the existing traffic signals, remove signal heads, cable spans and strain pole's. This work will take approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hrs.

    2) At 6:00 AM the utilities will proceed with transferring their facilities from the existing utility poles east to the new IP&L utility poles. This work will take approximately 2 to 2 1/2  hrs. combined time for all utilities.

    3) At 8:30  AM or earlier Signal Construction will start installing the new cable spans, signal heads, wiring etc, on North Bound & South Bound Lynhurst and East Bound 16th St. Once all is in place they will turn on the new signals. With a time frame of 7 to 8 hrs.  Intent is to have the signals operational by about 4:30 PM or sooner.

Due to the new lanes not being in place at this time because of the utility relocation work Signal Construction will bag the left turn arrows for North Bound and South Bound Lynhurst until that work can be completed. 

 Traffic control will be in place during this time.


There will be lane restrictions starting today at 16th Street and Lynhurst Drive for AT&T spotting fiber optic lines for the 16th Street and Lynhurst Drive Project.

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