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Town of Speedway Participating in State Tree Seedling Program

The Town of Speedway recently received 100 seedlings from the Indiana Nursery Program. Over 45 years ago, the state legislature passed Senate Bill 690, creating the opportunity for members of the General Assembly to distribute 100 free seedlings each year to communities across the state. Tammy Smith, Director of Parks and Recreation for the Town of Speedway, was happy to accept this year’s donation on behalf of the town and will be reaching out to the community to make sure they find homes.

According to Carrie Tauscher at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, this awareness initiative was created with the intent of promoting restoration and reforestation in Indiana. She stated that forest restoration isn’t always considered an urban issue, but it should be. “A lot of trees are lost each year in urban forests, including people’s backyards,” Tauscher stated. Vallonia Tree Seedling Nursery, our state nursery, produces more than three million seedlings each year to help with conservation efforts. The donations from state representatives help raise awareness and spark interest in the restoration of native trees across Indiana.

State Representative Karlee Macer nominated the Town of Speedway for this year’s donation. The town will provide a limited number of both Shagbark Hickory and River Birch seedlings for immediate distribution to those interested. “Trees are one of the best natural resources we have,” stated parks director, Smith. In addition to the many known benefits of trees, Smith stated that, “Trees protect communities as they help clean the air, reduce the amount of storm water flowing into the sewers, and control land erosion as the roots bind to the soil, helping it stay in place. There’s so much good given to our community by just planting a tree.”

As we approach Arbor Day in Indiana, the last day of April, Speedway residents are urged to join in the celebration by planting a seedling in their yard. Quantities are limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. If interested, email Tammy Smith, Director of Speedway Parks, at with your desired variety (Shagbark Hickory or River Birch) and to schedule a pick-up as soon as possible between 10a-11a or 3p-5p.

Free Seedlings Available Now

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