Intersection improvements to be made along High School Road in Speedway

Speedway Economic Development Director, Tim Gropp, presented to over 40 Speedway residents in a public forum at the Speedway Public Library on October 3rd regarding the planned improvements affecting three intersections on High School Road. The Speedway Redevelopment Commission (SRC) is planning a major redevelopment at the 2500 block of High School Road. Gropp stated that this development project has allowed the Town of Speedway to work with the City of Indianapolis to improve the following traffic areas:  

  • A dedicated right turn-lane onto High School Road from westbound Crawfordsville Road will be added during restriping this fall.
  • A traffic light-controlled intersection at 25th Street and High School Road with dedicated turn lanes onto 25th Street (southbound) and into the entrance of the new development (northbound) is planned. Pedestrian crosswalks with walk buttons and signals will also be added to help pedestrians and bikers cross safely.
  • A new median will be installed along High School Road preventing traffic from crossing over the busy road. The north extension of this median will prevent cars from turning left onto High School from Schoolwood Drive, creating a new traffic pattern requiring cars to enter onto Schoolwood Drive by turning right going northbound, only.

Gropp stated that these changes will significantly improve the traffic flow and rating for the intersection at 25th and High School Road, which is currently reported as an F-grade intersection for traffic and safety. Since 2014 there have been 69 accidents reported at the 25th and High School block.   Many residents have asked for the town to consider a roundabout at this intersection. Gropp explained that both options were explored by the engineering team. After reviewing the choice of a roundabout versus a stoplight, it was found that the roundabout would fail during peak hours. Part of this is because of its proximity to the regulated intersection at Crawfordsville Road and High School Road. 

The infrastructure improvements will also include updates to Crawfordsville Road to help with traffic flow in the area by using technology to sync the 25th and High School intersection lights with the Crawfordsville Road lights, allowing the sensors to talk to one another and create smooth traffic patterns.

The SRC is currently waiting on bids from contractors and anticipate closing on the purchase of 2500 High School Road in Mid-November. With current projections, these intersection updates should be completed in May 2020, alleviating long-term traffic and safety issues in the area.

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