Options for Paying Water Bill

Did you know you can pay your bill without coming into Town Hall?

Below are several alternatives for paying a water/sewer bill in-person at Town Hall.   

  • Mail your check to

Town of Speedway
1450 N. Lynhurst Dr.
Speedway, IN 46224 

  • Drop it off in the blue drop box in the parking lot at Town Hall (no stamp required)
  • Call us to sign up for automatic billing at 317-246-4111
  • Call us and pay your bill with a credit card at 317-246-4111
  • Pay online (home screen on the website) or click here.
    • your book number is the first 2 digits of your account number

Paying Online: When paying online you will be asked for a "Book Number" and "Account Number" in addition to your pin. These two numbers can be found on your water bill. The Book Number is the first two digits (prior to the dash) on your account number and the account number is the number immediately following the dash. See below.


Forgot your PIN? If you do not know your pin, please click the "Did you forget your PIN?" button to receive an email reset link. If you do not have an email address attached to your account or would like to update your email address, please call the Town Hall at 317-246-4111.

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