Ray’s Preparedness Plan Regarding COVID-19

RAY'S COVID 19Ray’s Trash Service would like to assure you, that in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, we remain committed to service. Even as other operations in our community come to a halt, the trash and recycle industry must keep operating. During this volatile time, Ray’s is taking every precaution to protect our team, our clients and our communities while also ensuring services will not be disrupted.

Ray’s would like to ask for your assistance in dealing with the potential spread of COVID-19. We ask that customers BAG ALL TRASH before placing it in the proper waste container for collection. By making sure all loose trash items are bagged, this mitigates the risk of Ray’s collectors coming in contact with any potentially contaminated items. RECYCLABLES should remain loose in the container and kept free of contamination.

Ray’s has significantly increased the level of cleaning and sanitation for frequently touched surfaces throughout our offices and facilities. Additionally, hand sanitizers have been placed in strategic areas to assist with continual sanitation.

Ray’s has communicated to all employees the preventive measures to take in order to avoid contracting COVID-19, as prescribed by the CDC, including avoiding contact, maintaining appropriate personal space, avoiding travel and remaining vigilant about their personal health as well as that of close family members and friends.

Ray’s has restricted visitors, meetings have either been rescheduled or transferred to a different format (phone conference, email, etc.), company gatherings have been postponed and unnecessary company travel has been eliminated.

While Ray’s remains committed to taking all reasonable measures to avoid any service disruptions to our customers, we also understand this is an ever-changing event and the severity of COVID-19 is yet unknown. We continue to monitor the situation and track any signs that could potentially affect operations. Ray’s will adjust as needed to the situation to continue servicing our loyal customers.

We pray for those affected by the virus and hope that everyone stays safe and healthy!

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