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The Town of Speedway and Speedway Police Department have recently engaged in a partnership with to connect residents to agencies and incident reports in their area and use the site to submit a tip to SPD. You can view the map of incidents in your neighborhood and sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly reports delivered to you automatically. Speedway PD also encourages you to register your security cameras at your home or business on the site.

Register Your Security Camera

Those with security cameras can take part in the CrimeReports Camera Registration by clicking the “Register Camera” button the website. The Camera Registration allows residents and business owners to register the locations of their video surveillance systems with the SPD. When a crime occurs, police will be able to identify the locations of nearby video cameras and enlist the assistance of the community to help officers collect video evidence and follow up on leads.

Through the program, SPD will be able to directly contact residents who have registered on the site who are using video in the area in which a crime has occurred. Police would then ask the registrant to check their video surveillance system for a specific date and time for video that may show activity involved with a crime, such as a getaway car or the direction that a person was heading.

The CrimeReports Camera Registration program is a great way to help deter and solve crime. Providing law enforcement with the location of your security camera empowers them with the information needed to catch criminals faster. And since you own the camera, your participation always remains 100% voluntary.


  • Register the location of your home or business camera with law enforcement.
  • Your information is kept safe and secure; never made public.
  • Your camera location information is only shared with law enforcement agencies.
  • Only law enforcement can see your contact information or registration.
  • This service is provided for free to both citizens and law enforcement agencies.
  • In the event of a crime, you may be contacted by law enforcement so they may ask review your camera recordings.

Click here to register your camera now: CrimeReports Camera Registration

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