Water Issue Alert: January 12, 2021

Water Issue Alert. Speedway Water Customers: Crews are currently working to repair a water main break on Cunningham Road. Due to the extensive repair needed, customers in the area will be impacted by the work. At this time the crews are isolating the water main and determining the extent of the impact this repair will have on our customers. Please be aware that houses and businesses along Cunningham Road from 16th Street to B&W Plumbing will likely lose water in the next two hours during repairs (estimated time). This will likely include the Nelson Addition and all apartment complexes west of Cunningham road.

7:30pm: At this time, water has not been disconnected and service has not been interrupted for any customers while the crew works to isolate the issue.

8:30pm: Customers in the following areas will experience interruption of service and low pressure during repairs:

- 16th Street and Cunningham Rd
- Nelson Addition (Cunningham Park)
- B&W Plumbing business park
- Everything west of Cunningham on 21st Street

9:15pm: The water flow is currently under control and crews are preparing to repair it at this time. Within the hour, water is anticipated to slowly start to be restored for affected customers. Crews will be flushing the air out of the lines in the affected areas. A water boil announcement for the impacted areas will be released with a map of the areas impacted. We will continue to update as we have more information.

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