Statement on Speedway Schools - January 29, 2021

Official Statement from Vince Noblet regarding Speedway Schools

January 29, 2021

“Our Speedway Schools have always been the foundation that makes the Town of Speedway a great place to live. This foundation is rooted in a tradition of scholastic excellence and being a leader in providing a quality education for the children of Speedway. Given the recent events that have taken place involving Speedway Schools staff, we as a Town Council have a responsibility to the community to challenge our school administrators to improve upon shortcomings made evident during this time and to encourage them to focus on building upon their success by exploring improvements to overall student well-being.  

The council has been disappointed by the lack of information made accessible to parents and students during this difficult time. As such, we are requesting to see improvement in communication from the administration that reflects the same level of excellence occurring in our children’s education. Parents and students expect to be well-informed in order to build trust in the administration’s decisions as they relate to the safety and well-being of their children.

The Town Council invited the school administration and/or school board to our next town council meeting to speak of ways to enhance the lines of communication with parents moving forward.”

– Vince Noblet, Speedway Town Council President

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