COMMUNITY NOTICE: Message from Speedway Street Dept - Do Not Rake Leaves into the Streets


The town's tree-lined streets convey added charm and character to the Town of Speedway - and as the autumn leaves turn brilliant shades of gold, orange, and red, the beauty of these mature trees cannot be denied. As we move farther into the season, though, these leaves begin to fall. As you pull out those rakes for leaf clean-up, please remember to take advantage of Speedway's Yard Waste Program.

Please do not rake your leaves into the streets as they can clog street storm drains potentially causing ponding and flooding.

Yard waste is collected by the employees of the Speedway Street Department. It will be collected on the same day as your regular household trash. Simply place the yard waste container(s) in the same area as your trash, but separate them somewhat from the trash that is picked up by Ray's.

To learn all you need to know about the Yard Waste Program, visit Speedway Yard Waste Vegetation Program Information / Speedway, IN (

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