Yard Waste Recycling

Yard Waste Recycling

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Yard Waste is picked up  by your Street Department on a seasonal basis from April through November and the first week in January weather permitting. 
Yard waste consists of grass, twigs, leaves, brush and tree limbs up to six (6) inches in diameter and other organic yard and garden waste. Yard waste must not have regular trash mixed in it.
Yard waste must be placed in reusable containers or bio-degradable paper bags. No receptacle with yard waste contents may exceed 50 lbs. in weight. There is NO limit on the number of yard waste containers you may put out. Branches too large to be bagged should be cut into three (3) foot lengths and tied with string. DO NOT tie with wire.
Mark reusable yard waste containers with yellow, red or orange markings or flags in order for the street department to identify them.

Yard waste will be collected on the same day as your regular household trash. Place the yard waste container(s) in the same area as your trash, but separate them somewhat from the trash.

Yard waste is collected by the employees of the Speedway Street Department, therefore, yard waste will NOT be collected on Town recognized holidays.

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