Home Helpers 2017

Speedway Home Helpers Background

March 17, 2017

Speedway Home Helpers is a new program that is being launched by the Speedway Chamber of Commerce, Speedway Lions Club and the Speedway Community Development Corporation. (CDC) In years past, a group of over 300 youth volunteers from outside our state would
visit Speedway for 2 weeks in the summer and work on residents’ homes. The group, World Changers, would provide all the oversight and labor, and the homeowners provided the materials.  World Changers will not be making the trip to Speedway this year. Speedway Home Helpers was formed to help fill that void and create a homegrown effort.  We are proposing that on April 22nd and April 29th, an organized group of workers will help with yard work, small repairs, trimming and other minor maintenance work for our residents.

Prior to those dates, we  recruit residents who are financially or physically unable to make these needed improvements or upkeep on their homes.  We are also reaching out to our local schools, churches and Speedway neighbors 
to help identify a resident in need. We will vet these homeowners.  The labor will be provided by our local youth groups, Speedway Trails, Lions Club and Chamber members and students who have been involved in our foreign exchange programs and residents.
We are approaching Lowe’s for a donation, and have applied for a grant through the CDC. Additional funds may be available through the CDC to assist homeowners who may not have funds available for the repairs. We are on a very tight schedule for our first work days. We will schedule another work day in the fall and plan to make this an annual event.

We see this as a wonderful way to help our neighbors spruce up our community
and get our youth involved in a local service project.

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