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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Adams, Sarah Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Clerk-Treasurer 317-246-4111
Blasdel, Jacob Clerk-Treasurer Clerk-Treasurer 317-246-4110
Bohr, Darsi Board Member Speedway Library Board 317-243-8959
Campbell, Jim Police Department Chief Police Department 317-246-4343
Fishburn, Bob Fire Department Chief Fire Department 317-246-4300
Fisher, Eileen Town Council Representative Town Council  
Kramer, Joseph Code Enforcement Officer Code Enforcement 317-246-4121
Levy, Robin Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Clerk-Treasurer 317-246-4113
Lindsey, David Town Council Representative Town Council  
Noblet, Vince Town Council Representative Town Council  
Pearce, Brian Station Manager/Producer - SCTV Speedway Community Television  
Pedigo, Gary Town Councilor Town Council  
Raikes, Gary Town Council Town Council  
Reynolds, Angie Accounts Payable Clerk-Treasurer 317-246-4117
Smith, Mike A Deputy Street Commissioner Parks & Recreation 317-246-4150
Smith, Tammy Parks Director Parks & Recreation 317-246-4125
Turner, Kelly Director of Communications Town Manager 317-246-4120
Wetnight, Rob Street Commissioner Street Department  
Staff 1-18 of 18

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