About the Town of Speedway

Established in 1926, the Town of Speedway is a blend of rich history, valued tradition, and vibrant growth. Speedway is located in Marion County and is home to nearly 13,000 residents. The Town offers top-ranked schools, outstanding public safety, strong community, and the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Five elected Town Council members serve as the legislative/executive branch while the elected Clerk-Treasurer serves as a chief financial officer. A Town Manager hired by the Town Council manages daily operations. Town facilities and operations include water and sewage treatment facilities, a street department, communications, parks and recreational facilities, fire and police, and administrative offices.

The Town of Speedway is a developing community. Speedway takes pride in being known for its low crime, strong traditions, unmatched racing history, community spirit, and excellent schools.

Town of Speedway Mission Statement:

The Town of Speedway is a small, safe, and diverse community rich in tradition which is striving to create vibrant neighborhoods by excelling in Education, Industry and Progress. A community that embraces opportunity for positive change by encouraging redevelopment and working to build a strong quality of life for families.