Boards & Commissions

The Town of Speedway is comprised of residents, businesses, schools, public services, civic groups, and boards & commissions all working to make our community better and improve the quality of life. A Town board or commission is an independent body consisting of volunteer members appointed by public officials.

Arts Advisory Council

The Arts Advisory Council will review options for public arts initiatives, grant funding and enhancement and promotion of the arts in Speedway.

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is responsible for zoning and related land-use matters such as granting variances, developmental standards variances, variances of use, granting of special exceptions/conditional uses, and appeals from administrative decisions.

Cable Advisory Commission

The Cable Advisory Commission acts as a liaison between SCTV, the Town Council, and the citizens.

Community Development Corporation (CDC)

The Speedway Community Development Corporation is a not-for-profit board responsible for coordinating community efforts for housing, community, and redevelopment initiatives.

Centennial Anniversary Celebration Committee: The CDC has created the Centennial Anniversary Celebration Committee to plan events and celebrations for the 100-year anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Speedway.

Economic Development Commission

The Economic Development Commission enters into agreements to purchase or lease land and to build or lease facilities. They are also responsible for issuing and securing bonds for new development.

Fire Merit Commission

The Fire Merit Commission coordinates certain functions and operations of the Speedway Fire Department.

Housing Advisory Council

The Housing Advisory Council develops strategies, programs, and partnerships to address housing issues in town, including the coordination of the biannual Speedway Home Helpers program.

Library Board

The Public Library Board oversees the operations, management, and capital of community efforts at the Speedway Public Library.

Municipal Facilities Building Corporation
Parks & Recreation Board

Parks & Recreation Board is responsible for the general supervision and rules of the Parks Department.

Police Commission

The Police Commission coordinates certain functions and operations of the Speedway Police Department.

Public Transportation Board

The Transportation Board coordinates efforts related to public transportation.

Redevelopment Commission

The Speedway Redevelopment Commission is dedicated to enhancing Speedway's economic vitality and to expanding the city's tax and employment base. The commission oversees activities and programs related to redevelopment planning, business attraction & retention and downtown revitalization. 

Redevelopment Authority

The Speedway Redevelopment Authority is responsible for financing, improving, constructing, renovating and leasing local public improvements to the Speedway Redevelopment Commission.

Speedway School Board

The Speedway School Board is responsible for ensuring schools are responsive to the values, beliefs, and priorities of the community.

Solid Waste Management Commission

The Solid Waste Management Commission oversees the operations, management, and capital of existing and new solid waste systems.

Storm Management Board

The Storm Management Board has responsibility for stormwater drainage issues and assisting the Town with assessing and addressing community concerns and needs regarding stormwater.

Town Council

Five elected Town Council members serve as the legislative/executive branch while the elected Clerk-Treasurer serves as a chief financial officer.