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Speedway Parks & Recreation serves the community by providing beautiful, well-maintained park facilities and a wide range of events to enhance the lives of citizens and visitors alike.

Speedway is home to two beautiful public parks that provide spaces to play and gather, facilities to rent, and baseball diamonds that serve as the home field of the Speedway Little League.

Meadowood Park is located on the north side of town, adjacent to Wheeler Elementary School. It is a rare example of a densely forested community park covering 12.7 acres of land with stands of tall trees providing welcome shade on a hot day. Every summer, the Ziegelmueller Pavilion plays host to the popular Speedway Summer Concerts. Meadowood Park features 2 playground spaces, an interactive climbing rock area, 3 shelter pavilions, sand volleyball courts, baseball/softball diamonds and a 0.75 mile walking trail.

Leonard Park is located on the south side of town, just behind Town Hall and St. Christopher's Church on 15th Street. This 14.5 acre community park has plenty of space to enjoy, from wide swaths of lawn to the interactive playground. Each spring, the Little League opening day kicks off a flurry of activity with a parade and back-to-back games. Leonard Park also plays host to the annual Relay for Life fundraiser each year. Leonard Park features tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, baseball/softball diamonds, playground area, and a 0.5 mile walking trail.

Interested in renting a park shelter for your next birthday party or family gathering? Click here for more information.

Speedway Parks & Recreation works hard to provide clean, safe, and fun gathering spaces while being mindful of the neighborhoods surrounding the parks.  All visitors to the parks must abide by the Speedway Parks Rules & Regulations while visiting.  These rules and regulations are set to ensure the safety of visitors and staff, maintain clean and beautiful grounds and facilities, protect the wildlife and plants, and provide enjoyment without breaching the peace of the surrounding neighborhood.  

(refer to Ordinance 9.60 for further details)

Hours:  Dawn to Dusk

  • No smoking of any kind allowed anywhere in or within 50 feet of Speedway Parks.
  • No alcohol, tobacco products, or drugs.
  • No driving, parking, or unloading on the grass or walking paths.
  • No glass allowed.
  • No amplified music or sound equipment allowed at a volume where the lyrics are clear beyond 50 feet.
  • No bounce houses, inflatables, pop-up tents or structures of any kind shall be erected.
  • Decorations may be secured with removable tape.  Nothing should be adhered in such a manner to damage the facility.  No nails, no hooks, no tacks, no staples, no hot glue, or similar.
  • No decorations or items allowed on any trees, bushes, electrical boxes, etc.  This includes balloons, ribbons, piñatas, etc.
  • No silly string, confetti, glitter, chalk drawings, or similar allowed in or around shelters and gazebo.
  • All trash must be disposed of in trash cans.
  • Items brought into the park including, but not limited to food, decorations, or other equipment, and any trash that does not fit in trash cans provided, must be removed at conclusion of visit.
  • All pets must be leashed at all times.
  • Pet excrement must be picked up immediately and properly disposed of.
  • No offensive, obscene, profane, or violent language or conduct allowed.  This includes music lyrics.
  • No grills allowed within any park structure.  Cooking fires are permitted in the park's charcoal grill available with each shelter (no grill with gazebo).  DO NOT dump ashes on the ground.  Ashes should remain in the grills for park personnel to properly dispose of.
  • Any damage or defacement of property, violations of above listed rules, or violations of any Speedway Parks & Recreation or Town of Speedway ordinances will be subject to fines, fees, and reimbursement of damages.
  • For details of Speedway Parks & Recreation ordinances, see Ordinance 9.60 found in MUNICIPAL CODES under QUICK LINKS in the blue column to the right.
  • Violations of Speedway Parks & Recreation ordinances are subject to fines of $50 to $100  and up to a $250 clean-up fee, as well as, full compensation for any damages.

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