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About the SFD

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The Civil Town of Speedway was started in 1903 when Mr. Lem Trotter purchased 320 acres west of Indianapolis and decided to lay out a town for the employees of Prest-O-Lite.

Mr. Trotter along with Mr. Carl Fisher, Mr. James A. Allison, Mr. Arthur Newby and Mr. Fred Wheeler laid out the plans for the town of Speedway.

The town had to rely on Indianapolis for fire protection until the summer of 1916 when Mr. Trotter purchased a hose cart it was stored at the Prest-O-Lite company and manned by members of the Speedway Volunteer Fire Department.  The department became fully paid in 1971.  The current manpower of the Speedway Fire Department is 35 personnel manning two stations serving the Town of Speedway. 

Currently the fire department is responsible for the approximately 9 square miles of the incorporated town along with dual response areas within and along with Indianapolis Fire district and Wayne Township Fire District.  Our current population is roughly 13,000 residents.  Along with Allison Transmission, Prax Air, Coca-Cola Bottling, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is located within the town limits.  Our population increases by approximately 400,000 people during the annual Indianapolis 500.

The department answers approximately 4300 alarms annually.  It provides E.M.S. service in addition to fire protection for its residents and visitors.  Our fleet consists of two Engines, two Ladder trucks, three Polaris vehicles and a Battalion Chief.












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